Monday, January 25, 2010


Last Saturday I was walking to Fetteh with Isaac Ayensu. Isaac needed some new slippers (flip flops) so we were walking to the village to get some. Along the way we passed several funerals. (I heard later there were 5 funerals in Fetteh that day!) The funeral procession were walking somberly down the road carrying on their shoulders the brightly painted SHARK coffin of the man who died. It was almost comical for the mourners to be so serious, and the coffin so blunt. What made the whole thing actually comical was on our return trip. We walked by the gathering once again, this time at the graveside. They were standing around arguing and talking animatedly. I glance over and noticed their predicament. The grave was not big enough. And to make matters worse, they had put a small cement lining around the hole. The argument was over which part of the coffin (SHARK) to cut off in order to make it fit. Ha ha! Man what a funeral! RIP. Rest in Pieces.

P.S. I should put a disclaimer that certainly most funerals here are a little less eventful and a little more sophisticated that this particular one.

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  1. Ha, ha! That was funny, even if it was a little morbid :) I especially liked your line "Rest in Pieces"! LOL!