Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Prequel

I am seven weeks away from my departure to Ghana. It seems surreal that the time has finally come. I have been waiting so long! I have a HUGE to do list to accomplish before I can leave feeling prepared.

Today I looked at the syllabus for what I will be teaching for the first time. It was a little overwhelming considering most of it involves Ghanaian culture, economics, environment, politics, and cultural aspects I am not yet familiar with. It looks as though I will be spending some significant time in the library before I leave! Also, much to my chagrin I will be teaching adolescent reproductive health. I know, laugh it up right! How awkward! Especially for such a reserved culture.

I am close to having all of my funding in place, just a couple thousand short. But, I praise God that I have the support of so many wonderful people! Please continue to pray for me as I prepare spiritually, emotionally, and educationally to leave!


  1. Ah! This is so exciting! I'm going to go ahead and leave you your first comment, because I am very happy for you to get to go on this journey!

    I know you'll have lots of moments similar to looking over the curriculum and feeling overwhelmed, but, it'll always be worth it.

    'be where you are, it's exactly where God created you to be'---as we felt in Vienna

  2. Chelsea,
    I love seeing the joy in your eyes as you prepare to go! You will make a great teacher! The children of Ghana will be blessed by you! I look forward to seeing what God will do in your life.

    Love, Mike