Monday, September 14, 2009

"Madam, please..."

Before students ask a question they say, "Madam, please..." I was blown away by some of their intelligent questions today as I delivered my first lesson. We were discussing the both physical and social aspects of the enviornment. They are going to keep me on my toes! It was amazing to have a room of 30 students quiet and listening. There was a little whispering now and then, but nothing compared to Bodine! I am so excited to teach these students, I will be learning right along with them seeing as how the social studies curriculum in 6th grade is all about Ghana.

I spent the afternoon subsituting in a 5th grade class. The work that he left for them was coping down the tables out of the inside cover of a science textbook about various quantities and their instruments of measurement. BORING! And yet, most of them sat quietly and did it. I rewarded them with playing the game "around the world" with multiplication facts during their math period. They loved it. I am subbing in a 2nd grade class on Friday. Looks like I will be doing a lot of that around here. At least I know in advance and can plan my own lessons for the subjects they will be covering!

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  1. I am glad to see you have a class that listens and respects their teacher. It's too bad that much of our culture today is exactly the opposite! This experience will reaffirm your value and make you a great teacher! Keep up the good work!! Be a good example! And no more Camel rides with men of questionable character!!!