Thursday, September 17, 2009


There is a never ending stream of surprises here. Such as "surprise, you are librarian," "surprise there are student teachers coming from NYC for two months," "surprise, we changed your teaching schedule without telling you," "surprise, Monday is a school holiday," "surprise, you are subbing today in some random class." I never quite seem to know what is going on until it is happening. I showed up at school this morning after yesterday's holiday marking the end of the Muslim holiday Ramadan, and Ghana's first presidents would-be 100th birthday, to find they had changed my teaching schedule without telling me. I was fixing books in the library when a student comes to tell me that they are expecting me for teaching in their class. No one had bothered to tell me that my class periods had been shifted around. Good thing I was prepared.

I was not, however, prepared to substitute teach all day Friday without notes. The teacher informed me a few days in advance that he would be gone, but assured me he would leave me notes. When I got to class Friday morning there were no notes, and the cupboard containing their notebooks and textbooks was locked. Thus ensued a brutal day of 2nd grade. There was nothing quiet or respectful about them. Thankfully I had brought some notebook paper and supplies with me, and was able to wing some lessons. I hate doing that though, it is not in the best interest of me or the students. But, such is life here. There are constant surprises, or changes in plans. Keeps life interesting for sure.

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