Monday, October 5, 2009

Prestoncrest Girls

I thought that I was getting up early to exercise before school each morning. Then one of the mothers, Ma Millicent (from the Prestoncrest Girls house) asked if I would go jogging with her each morning at 4:30am! There is no way I wanted to get up that early every morning, but no way that I could tell her no either. There is no other time that works for her, and I definately wanted to honor her request. I don't mind the running, I just mind the 4:30 part! Today was the first day that we got up to jog together. Thankfully she doesn't go too fast, its an easy pace I don't think I could handle sprinting that early in the morning! I was so releived after we finished when she said, "We will not go tomorrow, but Wednesday." It looks like it will be a Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday routine. At least I can sleep in on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday till at least 5:30! I may have to find a nap time somewhere in the day.

Ma Millicent has started inviting me to their house for supper regularly, and even has the children bring me lunches somedays at the school. Today they are bringing me red plantains, rice, and beans. Saturday I ate red-red with rice with them. I found some fish skins in with the red-red sauce, those of you who know me well know I have nothing to do with fish. I don't eat them in any form. It made it difficult to keep eating as I smelt the fish in every bite. Last night's supper of jolof rice was much more pleasant, with only one chunk of meat. I am not quite sure what animal it came from, but I didn't really want to know. I am guessing goat, but I didn't want to ask.

I went over to their house Friday evening and brought the movie Cinderella with me. The girls had never seen it before and started squealing, clapping, and cheering when they saw what film I had brought. Americans have given them books, clothes, and backpacks with the Disney princesses on them, but they have never seen the movies. As they were all settling down to watch it I pulled out a sucker to give each one of them as a treat. They were all ecstatic. One little girl said, "Chelsea you will live long on earth," another "I know you will go to Heaven." I couldn't help but laugh at how grateful they were for such a small treat and a movie.

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