Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Last Week

Tuesday morning's school assembly was quite memorable. For several reasons. First, because three of the boys were caned for fooling around during the recitation of the Lord's prayer. The kids were all watching intently. I had to look away. That was the first time that I have witnessed caning at the school. I know that it is a part of their culture, and that it doesn't happen often, but I hated it. I can't imagine every caning a child. It made me shutter. During the caning some awful crying came from the 1st grade section. Everyone laughed. Then Mr. Awuku, the libraian started a speech about the new book check-out system I have created. The crying started again. He looked over, and realized it was in fact a goat under the stairs crying. Next up for the announcements was the headmaster, and he presented that same goat to the teachers as an appreciation gift. I was standing there in awe of the fact that they were holding this live goat upside down and handing it to the two assisstant teachers as a special gift. I've never seen a more original teacher gift, sure beats those mugs, pencils, gift cards, apples.... ha ha. It was quite funny.

Thursday afternoon Emma & Isaac came over to help me deep clean my house. Things get dirty so quickly in Ghana. Ma Matilda came over to teach me how to cook some Ghanaian food. It was real fun to cook with her. I am supposed to teach her some American dishes when I come back in Januray.

Thursday night (my last night before leaving) Leticia (the guest's cook) and Araba (chief operations officer) came over to watch a movie. It was so great to have them over and feel like I have made progress in my relationship with both of them. I felt like I had to really earn their friendship and respect. And I am so glad that I have come so far with them in the past few months. They hurried back from their errands on Friday so they could come say goodbye.

On Friday, all of the VOH kids (except the high schoolers who just came home for the holiday) went to the Kakum rain forest and Elmina Slave Castle. I was really dissapointed that I was not able to go with them, but had to stay behind in order to catch my flight that night. Emma (Emmanuel) and Isaac decided not to go with the rest of the kids so they could accompany me to the airport. How sweet are they? So Friday morning, all of the high school kids came over to watch a movie at my house. Then after lunch I took them to the beach. It has been at least a year since they have been to the beach, so they were quite excited. It was me and 12 boys, I am not sure why none of the girls came. They were so excited to swim and play in the sand. They hardly came out of the waves the whole time we where there, even when I bought them all a mineral (pop).

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