Sunday, December 6, 2009

unexpected goodbyes

Thursday afternoon I was rushing back to the house to get some money to send with the school's procurement officer (quite a title huh?) to buy some pencil sharpeners for the class and world maps when I ran into Winnie and her brother Evans. In one of my previous posts I mentioned that Winnie is one of the girls that I have been working with since my arrival. Her and her brother were not at school and standing under a tree apparently waiting. When I asked what they were doing, Evans quitely replied "we are going." It took only a second for me to realize this meant that they were moving back to their hometown. It hit me really hard that they were leaving, and right then. They are moving back in with their aunt whom they lived with before coming here. Their house mother, Irene, assured me that I can accompany her on her visits to see them in the future. I already miss Winnie's smile. Just when she was gaining some confidence and motivation for learning! I know there are always set-backs and moments of defeat in any ministry. I gave them some reading workbooks to take with them, and they laughed over the funny pictures of animals inside and waited for their aunt to take them home.

Yesterday the NY girls hosted a talent show for the kids. Sometimes it is remarkable how universal some things are. I still felt that pang of embarassment for some of the kids, and was so proud of the bravery of others. Sweet little Akua and Akosua sang little solos that could not have been any more brave. There were LOTS of talented dancers. They danced in ways American kids have never seen. The kids were loving their chance to be in the limelight. Then last night we showed the Home Alone movie after dinner. We chose it as it was the most understandable plot (not much santa, elves, north pole, etc.) The kids were cheering and clapping throughout the whole thing. Nothing could make Home Alone funnier than watching it with more than 200 Ghanaian children who embraced the slapstick humor so heartily.

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  1. You changed those kids' lives! They're leaving, but I know that in a few months' time with them, you became a legend in their life, someone they will always remember! Also, I think I will get along nicely with Ghanaian children as I also whole-heartedly embrace the humor in that movie!