Saturday, March 13, 2010


Last night Tommy, Sarah, Hannah & I sent 7 kids to Papayes in Accra. When the children have read 120 books in the after school reading program we take them to eat at Papayes. Papayes is a local restaurant that looks remarkably like Mcdonalds. The menu consists of fried or roasted chicken with rice or chips (fries), fish with rice, or a beef burger with chips. The kids had never ordered off a menu before. Let alone have the choice in what they would like to eat for supper.

We played car games all the way there. Eric, Lebene & I played tro-tro in the back seat. (adapted from slug bug). It was really funny. Maybe only because I had the most tro-tros. The kids were antsy with excitement as we arrived and ordered food. Their eyes all tripled in size when they saw the portions of their meals. None of them could finish their meal. They all filled to-go boxes with their leftovers and our own. They marched proudly out all dressed up, with their boxes of take away to the car. I got them all ice cream on the way home. Ebenezer was beside himself he was so happy with the events of the afternoon. He put his arm around me the whole way home in the car. He was counting how many good things I had done for him that day and promised me a really big hug when we arrived. It is fun to see the kids rewarded for all the hard work they have put in the past few months in reading. It is also exciting just to go on excursions with the kids. Ebenezer say a neon sign that said "open" and remarked that "oh, Ghana is nice! look at the sign!" This coming from the boy who usually is Ghana's biggest critic. It is so funny to see the things that they get excited about seeing.

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