Saturday, March 13, 2010

Queso for Breakfast

This week Tommy came back for a visit along with Hannah and Sarah-two girls from Memphis. I was so blessed by the suitcase of treats that Tommy brought me!! (Thanks Jim & Terri!) Something about living in Africa just takes peanut butter to a whole new level. Ziplock bags, granola bars, dried fruit, and chips and queso/salsa have never been quite so exciting. In fact, I was so thrilled to have REAL chips and queso that I had it for breakfast most of the week. It was like another christmas. If you ever need to learn to give groceries their proper appreciation just move to Africa or some remote place.

It was such an encouragement to have Hannah, Sarah, and Tommy here this week. I love when there are visitors here who get it. People that truley have come to serve. Not people who think going to Africa is trendy, or is going to add some jewel in their crown. This week I was working on a letter writing project during my reading classes. I had to get penpal letters written and pictures taken of every child in teh school. (500 kids) I was SO thankful that I had Hannah and Sarah here to help!!

Having people here also reminds me to be dilligent in my lesson preparation, patient with the children, and grateful for the opportunity to live and work here. The same is true every time I receive cards (late as they may be), emails, and care packages. I am blessed to have the prayers and support of so many back home. There are times when I feel quite isolated here, but then I remember just how many wonderful people there are supporting me from back home. It is such a learning experience to be taken away from your support system of friends and family and familiar comforts of home. I am learning (sometimes painfully) a lot about myself and God through it all.

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