Thursday, April 15, 2010

The time has come!

Since September the junior high school 3 students (essentially 9th grade) have been studying VERY hard for their BECE exit exams. This set of exams determines their high school placement. If you don't score well cumulatively you don't go. 1 is the highest score, 9 the lowest. They are taking tests in 7 different subjects. The tests include 40 multiple choice questions and then a set of essay questions. Each test is 2 hours.

First term they had extra classes before and after school, starting at 7:00, ending at 5:00pm. Then they would go for prep EVERY night after dinner/devotion until 9:00 to study some more. During second term they have been writing practice mocks. Which is essentially past test questions from previous years. They will spend most of the week taking the tests, then the next week revising and discussing the answers.

The time has come for their exams. They start on monday and last until next Friday. Please pray for their focus, retentive memory, honesty of examiners and graders, and protection from any sickness! There are 27 students. There names are: Patrick, Anita, George, Eric, Roberta, Yeenu Sr., Yeenu Jr., Joshua, Sampson, Beatrice, Samuel, Martha, Philomena, Mary, Abass, Stephen, Isaac Ayensu, Daniel, Agnes, Isaac Boateng, Foster, Emmanuel, Stella, Selina, theophilus, Alex, and Michael.

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