Monday, February 14, 2011

I am not sure it is quite possible to articulate in the slightest the journey that I have been on the past few weeks. From the moment the thick Ghanaian air hit my lungs stepping off the plane until now the things that I have seen and felt during my time here have been with me with such intensity and tangibility of the very air I am breathing. I think I am finally starting to become more cognizant of and adept at processing my own thoughts. How to describe to you the dynamics of my relationships or work here tends to leave me stuttering something about lots of reading classes and beautiful children.  The truth is so much deeper.  I tend to blog about events because they are so much easier to explain. I wish I could truly give you a glimpse of life here.  A visit for a week or two would help, but that only scratches the surface.  The truth is that when you look deep into someone's eyes here you realize how similar we all are.  That a mother's fears for her children here are the same as anywhere, that they are fed, safe, educated, and well behaved.  Mothers spend their days cooking, cleaning, and working desperately to provide for their children.  Children yearn to feel loved and safe.  I can never look at a national geographic picture, newspaper image, or television newscast the same again.  I read recently in the book Half the Sky (a necessary read for everyone) a story about women in Haiti who expressed it poignantly "we are human too."  We often forget and let what is comfortable triumph over what we know to be true.  When you know it changes you.  It leads you to live in such a way to demonstrate love in a way you never have before. I have been on a journey in Ghana of learning what it means to live a life of love.  I am so thankful that I have come to a place in my work and relationships here as well as in my faith that barriers are being removed and true understanding is beginning to form.  I continue to hope for  greater depths of insight. 

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  1. What an appropriate Valentine's day post. Thank you for making this world an exponentially better place with your love. I love you so much, and am so proud of you! Happy {late} valentine's day!