Thursday, December 30, 2010


I love games.  Growing up I especially loved to play card games.  But, there was one game that I adamantly refused to play.  Mao.  This game was popular at camp and retreats, but I never played.  Why?  Because you are not allowed to explain the rules or talk.  I don't know how it works (because I never played) which is the whole point of the game.  It just seemed too frustrating to me.   
Why tell you that? Because, sometimes I feel like life in Ghana is like playing a game of Mao.  You don't know the rules by which you are supposed to play and no one explains them.  I feel like I am constantly playing this game, trying to figure out what people really mean, how I am supposed to act in certain situations, what I am supposed to say or not say, how I am supposed to dress, etc.  Communication is not always an option.  Whether or not they speak English is beside the point, sometimes it doesn't matter, things just get lost in translation. Sometimes it is rather amusing, sometimes frustrating, other times just plain exhausting, and usually you don't know if you are winning or losing!  I think I am slowly learning how to play, but I will certainly never be an expert.  I suppose that is the point though, learning how to adapt.  Nevertheless, I am thankful to sit out a round at home and not have to play for a few weeks! 

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