Friday, December 10, 2010

Don't Try this at Home

The coconut men should post a disclaimer.  Or at least issue a verbal warning.  Quite frequently you may find coconut sellers on corners chopping up coconuts for customers.  They use machetes to chop off all the outside materials into a convenient cone.  They stack these ready to enjoy coconuts on their carts until customers come.  At which point they make one swift chop and knock off the top so that you can drink the coconut water and then scoop out the coconut.

A co-teacher was sweet enough to leave me a coconut on my table in the staff room last week.  I went home thoroughly excited to enjoy my coconut.  I pulled out the biggest knife I could find and gave it a whack.  I expected the top to cleanly fall off like the professionals do, no such luck.  When all was said and done I was drinking the coconut water out of a small slit, with coconut n water dripping down my chin and shirt.  There were pieces all over the counter, floor, and me. Turns out I should just leave the coconut chopping to the professionals. From now on it will remain "eat-here" and no longer for "take-away."

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