Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Only in Ghana

I recently spoke to Francis, our VOH student attending school at OC.  I asked him how he was coping with American culture and what he thought of it.  He said there are so many times when he just laughs at Americans.  I am sure many of the things we do are amusing to him.  The same thing is true living here.  There are times you just have to laugh.  Sometimes the kids tell me I am getting crazy because I laugh too much.  There are times when I see and experience things that could only happen in Ghana and I can't help but laugh.  Here are some examples:
  • when the discussion in the teacher's lounge is about whether or not dwarfs exist
  • when a woman shows you her menstruation calendar like its a normal thing to do
  • when you see a live goat strapped to the top of a van with the other cargo
  • when you see children running up the stairs at school holding a machete
  • when an invitation says a wedding will start at 9:00am prompt and it starts at 12:00pm
  • when you see entire bus loads of people peeing by the roadside
  • when you see a billboard advertising fashion for weddings and funerals all in one
  • when you share a giant bowl of food with several people without utensils
  • when you see an advertisement for Wormplex, "your one stop de-wormer"
  • when you are sitting in a tro-tro with baby chicks under your feet
  • when you see an elderly woman wearing this shirt in pink sparkly letters... "wanted: boys that don't lie"
  • when you see this page in a beginner's English book:


  1. Is this the Francis I know? formerly of 6B? (or was it 6A)? Either way, THAT Francis??

    PS. That list is hilarious! haha

  2. different Francis, one that is in university in the states