Monday, August 31, 2009


Today we took 87 children to the beach. Despite the fact that the beach is about a mile from the VOH, they only go once a year. On Christmas. The kids were ecstatic! Sandra was holding one hand and Peace had my other hand as we walked to the beach. They were laughing and dancing and all smiles. It suddenly hit me that there was nowhere else I would rather be. Those two girls are absolutely precious, and being with them makes me so happy. As soon as we got in sight of the sand Peace had taken off at a sprint, giggling the whole way. It brought me so much to joy to watch the kids play soccer, search for shells, and eat snacks at the beach. They are such an amazing group of kids, full of passion and spirit. I certainly have my rough days and moments here, but today was perfect. All felt right with the world because I was with these beautiful children, and they were happy.

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