Saturday, August 8, 2009

Egypt sounds nice

I am going to Egypt.
Hello Pyramids!
At least, I hope. I'll only be there a few hours.

Long story short, I have been stuck in New York City for several days now. I am standby status on the flight to Ghana each night due to the fact that I am on an airline employee's pass. The airline has informed me that I really don't have much hope of getting to Ghana anytime soon. The flight each night is either completely full, or is at the weight limit due to the over-packing of the passengers.

In order to actually get me to Ghana this week for sure, I went ahead and booked a last minute ticket, which happens to have a layover in Egypt. My new flight leaves NYC on Monday. I have been spending most of the last few days either on the subway or at the airport in NYC. It will be nice to know for sure when I am leaving. Although, I have completely run out of clothes and toiletries. My suitcases went on ahead of me to Ghana. I think I need to find myself a laundromat...

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