Thursday, November 26, 2009

Giving Thanks

I don't exactly have the day off for Thanksgiving. Although, they just declared tomorrow a national holiday. Up until last night it was TBA wheter or not it was. How strange that they didn't even know for sure whether it was a national holiday until 30 hours before hand. TIA right? I don't understnad why the national holidays change from year to year or why they are so unpredictable. But, thankfully we do not have school tomorrow. The students really are not as well behaved as I thought they would be. Of my two 6th grade classes, 6B always gives me trouble. The student teachers that are here had been told the students here would be perfectly behaved and had a rude awakening. Discipline seems a constant problem. So, it will be nice to have a day off. Although Charles, one of the older high school boys, wants me to come visit him at his school in Accra tomorrow.

I live in a place where giving thanks is a part of daily life. They remember to thank God for everything! They thank God daily for bringing them through the day successfully, for each safe car trip, for each small gift received. It certainly has been teaching me about being a greatful person. People here thank the Lord for every time they wake up, and for every blessing they receive. The kids ask God to bless me each time I give them a pencil, a peice of paper, or play a game with them.

It doesn't feel like Thanksgiving. It is SO hot outside, there is no football on TV, there is school today, and there are no signs of fall. We cancelled tutoring sessions for tonight so that I (and the 6 NY student teachers) can celebrate Thanksgiving in our own way. Mom brought over stuffing, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin when she came. We found a frozen turkey in Accra, and also some potatoes and corn. We will be preparing the food all afternoon after school gets out. I am in charge of the apple pie, pumpkin pie, biscuits, and stuffing. We don't have a normal pie pan, so it should be interesting. We have invited the two VOH cooks, and Araba to join us. I will miss Grandma's pies, dad's turkey, mom's corn casserole and certainly won't be the same without my family! But really the holiday is about giving thanks. And I am grateful to be in a place that daily teaches me how to give thanks.

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