Monday, November 30, 2009

My Christmas List

I know I shouldn't do this, because I don't have room in my suitcase, but I can't help it. This year my Christmas list is comprised of some special things I would like to bring for some of the kids. If you would like to participate in this gift giving, then reply to the post with the child's name that you will buy the gift for. They do not need to be brand new items, if you have them around the house already, all the better. I will continue adding on over the next couple of weeks. You can either drop of the gifts with my parents, or mail them to the house, or give them to me when I return. Thank you so much for blessing these children!

Ishmael: goalie gloves (adult size)
Stella: all of the anne of green gables book after Anne of the Island
Andy: Harry Potter book 2
Joy Barnett house: Harry Potter and the Sorcerors' Stone DVD
Isaac Ayensu: good paint brushes for acrylic painting
Israel Agbovi: Bible with his name on it
Reading Program: several Bibles (new and old testament)
Library: small file bucket for checkout sheets
Library: yellow duct tape
Emma: basketball shorts (size m in mens)
Cynthia: Chronicles of Narnia books
Rosalie: phonics workbook
Charles: scientific calculator
Francis: boxcar children's book
Sandra: boxcar children's book
Nkugami: journal/diary
Prestoncrest Girls house: Mulan DVD, Aladdin DVD
Asuo: soccer cleats (I will check on the size) , SAT prep book
all kids: bandaids and batteries (double and triple a) I am constantly getting requests for these!, and also math flash cards

There is also a wonderful opportunity to match an end of the year gift to the VOH, offered by a donor who is willing to match all funds donated to the Village of Hope between now and Christmas Day. This anonmyous donor will match all donated funds, up to $50,000, that are given during that time. If you would like to join with others to match this gift, please make your check payable to the Prestoncrest Church of Christ. Please write “VOH matching Gift” on the memo line of your check. You can send your check to:
Attention: Sherry Jackson Prestoncrest Church of Christ
12700 Preston Rd. Suite 210 Dallas, TX 75230

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  1. The following children have been taken. Thank you so much!

    -Prestoncrest Aladdin DVD