Friday, November 6, 2009

"It's not small!!"

I have stated before that I have had a constant stream of lizards in my house. I thought their main entrance point was the gap in my back door, so I taped it off with packing tape. I thank the Lord that I did. I was walking out of the kitchen the other day on my lunch break and heard something hitting the tape. I looked up to see a stripe of green nudging the tape trying to get in the house. Most of you at this point have probably guessed what this particular visitor was, a snake.

I had not even seen a snake as of yet, and here one was trying to get in the house! Neither of us are particularly fond of snakes. I ran outside to get the security guard while Mom stood watch to make sure it didn't get through the tape. While wating for the security guard to go around the back of the house to kill the snake we caught sight of its head. It didn't seem to be a large head, and we could only see about 6-8 inches of snake about the door, so I told the security guard I didn't think it was big. In order to get to the snake he had to open the screen door, and when he did so he jumped back and yelled "IT'S NOT SMALL!" and proceeded to furiously whack the snake with his stick. Mom and I were watching through the windows as he was yelling and jumping around trying to kill it. The cook Reuban came around the corner and the I heard the security guard mutter, "There are no small snakes in Africa."

We went out back to see the dead snake which the security guard had thrown into the grass. It was about the length of my arm span, and aparently poisonous. The picture makes it hard to see its full length. As soon as we walked back in the house from checking on the snake I saw something else at the tape, thankfully this time it was only a lizard. But, seriously? Not even a minute later. I was half expecting a small alligator to come knocking since every creature paid their visit. (I have been told their are some in the creek running behind my house, but have yet to see one...) It certainly was an exciting last day for Mom. I would hate for her to have left thinking life is boring here!

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