Saturday, May 15, 2010

The gift

Ebenezer has been my constant companion for sevearl months now. The other day he was quite angry at me because I called him out on his bad attitude. He spent most of the day upset with me. He even told one of the OC boys that is here that he wouldn't be my friend anymore. On my way to church that night he came running up to me apolozing over and over for his behavior. He kept saying "I was acting crazy wasn't I?" "You knew that I was being crazy." He spent the rest of the night saying sorry.

It is not very often the VOH kids have money to spend, only if friends or visitors give it to them. Yesterday I was sitting in the library when he walked in with a bag of pure waters for me. I buy these sets of 30 "pure waters" that are in small sachets to drink. He had 1 cedi ($1 essentially) and decided to spend all of it to get me water! Ebenezer knows kids are always asking me for water and I run out very quickly. He wrote me a note and told me that the reason why he was doing that for me was that he loves me very much. It was so sweet. It is moments like that remind me exactly why I am here. It is humbling to accept such sincerity from children. I told him it was quite possibly the best gift I had ever received.


  1. I love this story! Sad to hear you had a disagreement with the bestie, but sounds like he did a good job making up! Love you and miss you and the Scrooge!

  2. Chelsea......I don't often tell you but I enjoy following your adventures in blogging. Thank you for serving people. You honor God by your service to others in his name and you honor your parents through your servant heart. May God bless your work and your adventures. May He keep you safe from harm as you go about each day.
    I am proud of you!
    Mike Thomas

  3. Chels! Hi friend! Missing you and so happy you just got to spend some time with OC folks (and a bit jealous I might add, haha)! I just talked to Kara Cross yesterday and looks like you guys have everything planned out for the SW VBS helping you raise money. I am very happy and excited about that! I hope you are doing well. you are consistently in my prayers! Even though you haven't talked in quite some time, thanks for being an encouragment in my life... I just recently came across 5 or 6 letters you'd written me during our time at OC! Love you!
    Love, Ashleigh