Monday, May 3, 2010

Honeymoon Suite for One Please

Ever said that before? I found a cheap hotel in a small beach town halfway between here and Accra for the weekend. The honeymoon suite was $5 more than the regular room so I splurged. I found it rather amusing to be in the honeymoon suite alone. Although, really I had come for a date. A date with God, I needed a serious weekend getaway with him to sort through some stuff.

I spent the majority of the weekend sitting on a rock outcropping in solitude on a quiet stretch of beach in Kokrobite. Saturday morning I scoped out a great spot in front of a half-finished hotel. The security guard on duty came to greet me and brought me two fresh coconuts! He was quite gracious when he realized that I had come to be in solitude and left me alone the rest of the day. I won't spell out what happened those two days-but it was a fabulous time of silence and reflection and prayer. There were no epiphanies or decisions made, simply a beautiful reunion.

The last night I found a great hippie place to stay even more cheaply. It reminded me of Portland + Rasta + Ghana + beach. There were cute little huts with tie-dye sheets, mosquito nets, bucket showers, coconut trees, hammocks, bamboo, outdoor dining, and all the ambiance that goes with it. It felt great to not hear "Madam Chelsea" every second, and not to be called Obruni, or to feel obligated to be doing something every minute of the day. I have never stayed in a hotel alone before, it was a bit weird and lonely. But wonderful all the same. Just what I needed. Some time to really feel the things that I have been neglecting to reflect on and to feel.

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  1. Chels,
    How wonderful that you were able to get away and have a time of focus. Your training/upbringing has taught you the importance of it and it's beautiful to see you embracing it on your own. Thank you for your beautiful words. I will be sure to check in often now that I've found you in blog world!
    Amy (Coate) Redelsperger