Tuesday, June 22, 2010

giraffes have a staring problem

Perhaps you think it cliche, but I have a serious fascination with giraffes and zebras. We do not have them in West Africa. They can only be found in certain parts of eastern and southern Africa. So, my last morning in South Africa I made a mad dash to a nature reserve to try and find some of these beautiful creatures. I could have visited the zoo, but who does that in Africa? The elder from the congregation obliged me, and took me to go and see them in their natural habitat at a nature preserve area. I think they thought me a bit silly for being so excited over them. We had to drive around the nature reserve until you spot the animals. He could hardly stop the car before I was out the door when we first spotted the zebras. I got as close as they dared let me before they started to wander off. When we spotted a group of giraffes I headed straight though the waist tall grass to reach them. They all stood there and stared at me for the longest time. Seriously, look at that picture. Those guys can you make you feel self conscious. I tried to slowly inch my way closer to them, but it was hard since I was so excited. With the giraffes I tried to be a bit more patient than the zebras, and got within 3 yards of one of them! I could hardly believe it, I was so extatic! It was the perfect way to end my trip to South Africa. When my generous hostesses dropped me back off at the airport I could hardly believe all that I had crammed into one weekend. I seriously considered missing my flight so I could accidentally stay for the rest of the tournament!

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  1. such an amazing adventure! I can't believe that was one short weekend! I'm sure you had to tell the story of your trip to the kids a million times! haha. Thanks for sharing about your trip. I'm all nerved up from the tension and excitement!