Saturday, June 5, 2010

You are Welcome

Visitor season kicked off with the arrival of the Memorial Rd/Oklahoma Christian group on the 6th of May. There will be groups here for the next few months solid, with groups overlapping at times. I can hardly beleieve that it is already that time of the year. It was so wonderful to see the OC group at the airport arrivals hall last month! I really enjoyed having them here. It reminded me of how it was to be here as a part of a team in 2007 and 2008. It was great to have help at my reading classes, reading program, in children's Bible class, as well as just people to hang out with at night. A group from Lipsomb University was also here for a few weeks. Currently we have a group of 6 art people from Harding University, 2 leftover Lipscomb girls, and 3 interns from Abeliene Christian University. I am still getting used to having other people around. Sometimes I am still surprised to see other Americans at church, and not to be the only white around. It is nice to have other people to give the children attention and love. It is very interesting to hear their perspectives about this place. It helps me to reflect on my own growth since my arrival last year.

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