Saturday, June 5, 2010

Big Head

My 6th grade social studies students have been studying citizenship recently. What it means to be a citizen, how to be a good citizen, rights/responsibilities, etc. I asked them to design and carry-out a project to demonstrate good citizenship in our community. The 6b classroom decided to gather items to donate to "the needy" at the Bonsoku school (in a nearby village). It made me so proud to see them take ownership of the planning of everything, right down to asking the headmaster permission to go out. I loved watching their excitement as they collected their items to donate over the course of the week. They brought everything from pens, pencils, notebooks, oranges, toilet paper, etc. When those that don't have a lot are generous in giving what they do have it is quite humbling.

Wednesday morning they sorted out all the items and loaded the bus, anxious to go and deliver the items. They had neglected to inform the school they were going to be coming, so we caught them by surprise. But they received us warmly into their classroom. We greeted them, introduced ourselves, officially presented the items, and prayed for them before taking our leave. In Ghana when someone is feeling proud, they say "you're head has become big." I felt as if mine swelled with pride for my students as they executed this citizenship project with such enthusiasm and responsibility. My 6a classroom is going to go and help clean the marketplace in Fetteh next week. I look forward to the completion of their project as well. Teaching is so meaningful when it has practical application!

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  1. That is so beautiful. It is so great that the kids are learning these lessons - they are so blessed to have you there!