Saturday, July 24, 2010

Like Father, Like Daughter

There is something unspeakably wonderful about sharing experiences with those you love.  For several years now my parents have been hearing about the VOH and the children whom I have grown to love so deeply.  My mother had the opportunity to visit last fall, and my dad just spent the last two weeks with me.  I have settled into my role and the community since my mom's visit, so it was a great time for dad to come.  I knew that he would grow to love the community here as I do.  He quickly won their hearts. Everyone kept saying how much I "resemble" my father.  One of the teachers even went so far as to say that I should have been a man.  Thank you for that.  But, I was honored that the house parents commented on our similar work ethic and character.  It was so fun to listen to them sing his praises after he the various classes he taught. 

He doesn't sit still real well.  I wonder where I learned that from?  He kept telling me he did not come to sleep and that he wanted to serve in any way possible.  So, he helped in doing review games with my social studies classes, read with my reading groups, played kickball in p.e., taught primary devotion each afternoon, helped with reading program, taught a parenting class, fixed broken library chairs, preached a sermon, played with kids, and everything else in between.  He discovered just how insufficient words are to describe the experiences of the heart here in Ghana.  I am so thankful for who he is, and the way that he serves.  I am so blessed by he and mom's support of my work here and their examples of faith.  I know sometimes they have a hard time with me being far away, but I told them it's all their fault.  They taught me to love Jesus.  And I'm thankful they did.  I think he left thoroughly exhausted, but with a full heart.  I wish you could all come visit.  This children, this place would capture your heart.


  1. I cannot help but smile when I read your words. I am SO HAPPY (and thankful) that I know you and your dad (not to mention the rest of the family).

    Prayers of praise for the opportunity to have your dad in Ghana. What a wonderful experience for both of you. Prayers of blessing and increase to find more energy to serve, more love to give and more opportunities to grow.

    Every Blessing,

  2. What a wonderful way to spend your life! I'm so glad your dad got the opportunity to serve with you!
    By the way, when I look at your picture, I see your mom! ;-)

  3. You brought a tear to my eye. What an amazing daughter to blame her parents for her passions, service and love of others. You and your family are an inspiration to many. Thank you for continuing to give us a glimpse into your lives as well as a glimpse into Heaven. Blessings on you as you love those kids the way your parents love you.

  4. Ugh.....I am bawling like a baby right now....missing the kids and loving the honor from my daughter. My heart is full.