Monday, May 2, 2011

The BIG one

I feel like I have left so many gaps in my story here at the VOH, I wish I had time to write to you about so many things.  If you want to hear more just take me to coffee when I get home and I’ll talk your ear off.  This last week Caitlyn came back for a few brief days before flying out last night to the states.  I talked her and Tommy into going to see the biggest tree in West Africa. I have a fascination for trees, and couldn’t resist the chance to go and see the biggest one around.  It is tucked away in the rainforests a couple hours west of the VOH.  After a beautiful drive through rural villages and tall green trees we abruptly arrived at a signboard by the side of the road announcing the tree’s presence.  The tree was discovered over 400 years ago by a hunter wandering the forests, but must be at least 1000 years old.  My eyes were riveted to the tree from the moment we entered the clearing.  There are trees surrounding it so all you can do is stand by the trunk and stare up hundreds of feet into the branches and leaves of this beautiful natural masterpiece.  I seriously considered taking up residence in a hammock nearby or making myself a nice tree house to forever reside in the forests and drink the deep beauty of these ancient trees daily.  However, I had to settle for a nice late morning stroll through the forests listening to the sounds of the birds and insects humming and singing.   And you will have to settle for the cheap imitation rendered in this photograph.  

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