Monday, May 2, 2011

Good Idea!

Every day in Ghana brings me surprises in the form of such great ideas I have never thought of before. I just can’t keep these good ideas to myself. Occasionally I may have to update you on the good ideas, they are just endless here! For today I have these few to share with you:

1. Take your chicken for a taxi ride. Hold it by its wings and give that fowl a joy ride.
2. Make every ceremony as long as possible. Church services, graduations, matriculations, funerals, dedications of buildings/babies, weddings… by the end your guests should be so tired, bored, hot and hungry that they will never forget the event.

3. Dry your cassava stalks by the roadside amidst the dirt and ants.

4. Name your business: Onlookers are Worried.

5. Paint your chicks pink so the hawks won’t eat them.

6. Pour half a bottle of oil in everything that you cook.

7. Stock up on Tummy Tuckers, the reject exercise product of the 80’s and sell it by the roadside in Accra. I’m sure they will sell like hotcakes.

8. Propose to a complete stranger, just because they have white skin.

9. Give a 5 year old a machete

10. Measure the door frame after you have cut the door.  Its like a fun game, see if you got it right! 

11. Load three times the capacity of cargo to be delivered on every truck, it might make it.

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